Your primary resource for economic development in Southwest New Hampshire

What MEDC Does

Monadnock Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) puts together people, projects, planning, and financing to foster community and business development in southwestern New Hampshire.

Over several decades, MEDC has been involved in commercial and industrial development, downtown revitalization, financial planning, and securing funding for a number of businesses, non-profit organizations, and community agencies. Many of the significant (and difficult) projects completed in western NH have core financial infrastructures built by MEDC.

MEDC develops and redevelops commercial properties, using a variety of funding strategies and tools.

MEDC provides loans (from $10,000 to $500,000) to growing and emerging business through its $2 million revolving loan fund. It can also take equity positions in projects as appropriate.

MEDC serves as a liaison between private organizations and city, state and federal entities, helping guide them through the sometimes labrynthine development process.

MEDC provides a broad range of technical planning assistance, including finance structuring, business plans, pro formas, financial reporting, and economic modeling.

How MEDC Evolved

MEDC has a unique and successful history of incorporation in Southwestern New Hampshire.

In 1985, a need was identified to “centralize in one organization leadership and coordination of efforts to improve and revitalize…the health, vitality and environment of the industrial base of the Keene region…” Hence, the private, not-for-profit Keene Industrial Development Corporation (KIDC) was founded.

KIDC initially derived its funding from the City of Keene, the Keene Chamber of Commerce and the Keene Downtown Housing Corporation. The objectives of the organization included:

Serving as a liaison between private and public bodies in coordinating and negotiating development activity.

Assuming a positive role in seeking out and discussing with present and potential property owners, developers and tenants those opportunities and plans for bringing together available programs, investment opportunities, financial assistance programs as well as the necessary government cooperation with the objective of maintaining and furthering a strong and positive industrial base.

Assisting the City Council and Select Boards throughout the Region in meeting their responsibilities for maintaining a strong industrial base.

Maintaining a cooperative working relationship with the Planning Department, Planning Boards and other community organizations in its development planning role.

Recognizing that Keene was at the economic center of the Monadnock Region, and that a vital downtown was critical to its prosperity, KIDC merged with Keene Downtown Revitalization Corporation in 1995 to form the Keene Economic Development and Revitalization Corporation.  An additional objective was added to the original articles of incorporation:

Developing, promoting, and maintaining a vision for revitalization and development by preserving the traditions, architecture, and appearance of downtown Keene and the Monadnock region.